Frequently Asked Questions

Kit Homes Frequently Asked Questions, Prices, Inclusions and More

We want you to know what you’re getting in a Prestige Kit Home. Here is some information that will help you purchase the home of your dreams from the true specialists of kit homes.


Kit home pricing. What are your terms of payment?

Each contract pricing structure is different depending on your contract size & location of where you are building your new kit home.

Please contact us directly for more information about our kit home prices.

What is a kit home?

A kit home is a house made from prefabricated components delivered to a specified location where they’ll all be assembled either by the owner builder or by a hired building professional. Generally, kit homes are available in various designs and floor plans.

What is Prestige Kit Homes?

Prestige Kit Homes is a supplier of top-of-the-line kit home materials throughout Australia. Conceptualised in 2007, the company provides a wide range of kit home types in either steel or treated timber construction – from basic one-bedroom bungalows to two-storey structures big enough for six bedrooms. We also offer granny flats to any location in the country. We have also started to deliver our quality products to one of our neighbouring countries, New

What’s included in a kit home?

At Prestige Kit Homes, we clearly classify components into the four building stages of a kit home – Floor Kit, Lockup Kit, Lining Kit and Final Kit.

Floor Kit Components

  • All the basic materials needed to lay the flooring of your structure – H3-treated house bearers and joists, bearer infill, termifloor sheeting and merbau hardwood decking, among others.
  • Please note that while sub floor posts are not included in our standard package, we can supply them if requested.
  • Steel bearers and joists can also be supplied if required.

Lock Up Components

  • At the stage where the structure is complete externally – i. e., the external walls, roof, windows and doors are fitted, Prestige Kit Home materials include engineered plans and specifications for submission to your Local Council, internal and external frames, bracing, battens and more.
  • They include quality products like Sisalation® external wall insulation, Colorbond® roofing and Hardiflex® sheets, for instance.
  • If garage is included in your plan, these will also include sectional panel lift-garage doors, jambs, motor and remote control.
  • Steel frames and trusses can also be supplied if required.

Lining Components

  • These include plasterboards and Villaboard® products for walls, FJP (finger-jointed pre-primed) timber for skirting and architraves, among others.
  • Pre-hung and sliding door sets include door furniture and locks as per plan.

Final Components

  • These are mainly composed of kitchen and bath essentials like ceramic toilets, vanity unit and basin, stainless steel kitchen sink, chrome tap sets, hot water system, and more.
  • Stainless steel electric oven and cook top are included. Range hood is supplied if overhead cupboards are in the plan.

Click on our Inclusions page for the full list of Components for each of the four stages.

What’s not included in a kit home?

While our kit home provides almost all the basic necessities for you to build your own home, labour, delivery, plumbing, soil testing, landscaping and other related products and services are among the exclusions. These are usually purchased separately from a kit home.

For a complete list of exclusions, please see this page.

Can I make changes to a Prestige Kit Home design?

We will then send your plans to you (this is your 1st prelim) so that you can have a look through them and check to see if you are happy with all aspects of your plans. If you require changes we will make the changes at no cost to you (this does not include any extra materials that are required).

We will then resend them to you after the changes have been made. If you require more changes there is still no cost to you (this does not include any extra materials that are required).

All changes of the plans after the 2nd prelim are charged at $250.00 per prelim until the customer is happy with them and signs off on the plan. Once you are 100% happy with the plans, we will get you to sign off on them. We will then finalise your plans and have the necessary engineering carried out as well as your energy report.

Do you have display kit homes that I can visit?

We don’t have display homes dedicated to interested buyers. However, there may be an actual Prestige Kit Home built that you can see near your area. Please email us at or call us at 1300 653 442 for this.

We have found display homes are very expensive to operate and upkeep and prefer to pass the savings on to our buyers.

How suitable are Prestige Kit Homes for regions prone to cyclone and other environmental conditions?

We provide kit homes made for cyclone-rated regions. We can also supply structures with the appropriate materials for snowy areas or BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) zones. In addition, our decking materials are made of Durability Class 1 merbau hardwood and not pine, which is the usual material for most kit homes in Australia.




I’m just your usual handy man. Can I build a Prestige Kit Home myself?

Yes. We provide Prestige Kit Homes so that even the average handy man can put up his own home with minimal tools, equipment and professional service fees.

You will still have to get expert assistance in plumbing, electricity and other tasks that need a license or special skill. But for the most part, you’ll find that our kit home’s inclusions are easy to build and our construction guide that we have just updated is the most comprehensive that you’ll find.

Aside from this, our team will always be ready to help you with any questions or problems you may encounter. Throughout your build, you can contact us via phone, email or SMS.

Do you have recommended professionals in my area who can help me build my kit home?

This depends upon your location.




I’m already interested in building a kit home. How do I start? What are your requirements?

We can give you a quote immediately after you send us the following basic information:

  • Wind rating
  • BAL rating
  • Choice of timber or steel
  • Preferred home design

Expect a transparent quote itemised according to these 4 stages: Floor Kit, Lockup Kit, Lining Kit and Final Kit. As soon as you approve our quote, we can prepare the kit home contract for you to sign.

Can I use my own design? Or do I have to pick from your list?

You can do either. You can use your own design or ask us to supply you with a design that’s perfect for your needs and preferences.

You can email us at or or call us at 1300 653 442 for more details.

What are your terms of payment?

We’ve made a payment scheme in three instalments:

1st Instalment
5% of contract price (basic floor plan and front elevation)
10% of contract price (floor plan with details for Council submission)

2nd Instalment
35% of the contract price after Council approval and agreement on delivery date

3rd and Final Instalment
Remaining balance before delivery of all kit home components




Do you deliver to all states and territories in Australia?

Yes. We can deliver to anywhere in Australia. Please call us call us at 1300 653 442 or email us at if you have location-related questions.

Do you deliver outside Australia?

While we specialise in providing quality and affordable homes that comply with regulations in every state and territory in Australia, we have delivered to New Caledonia, a neighbouring island off Australia.

Email us at or call us at 1300 653 442 to know more about ordering overseas.

How do I make sure the delivery of ALL kit home components to my location?

Once we deliver the kit home components to you, please check all items according to your checklist or contract. Email us the results immediately.




What is a granny flat?

As the name implies, this structure is built in your property as a separate living area for your aging parents. In certain countries like Australia, specific laws in every state or territory are implemented regarding the building of granny flats.

What’s the difference between a granny flat and a kit home?

Generally, the major difference between a granny flat and a kit home (especially a one-bedroom type) is the floor size. A granny flat can only be up to 60 to 70 sqm, while a kit home can be more than 70 sqm.

Please check with your local council regarding their regulations on building granny flats if you plan to have one in your property.



Some Kit Home Terms Defined…

You’ll come across some terms, brands and other items on this site that may leave you wondering, especially when it’s your first to time to build or even scout for a new home. We’ve defined/described them for you so you’ll understand better about building a kit home and know what you’re getting in a Prestige Kit Home.

The decorated framing of a panel or an opening, such as a window or an entry way.

BAL Rating
(Bushfire Attack Level)
Ranges from BAL Low to BAL Flame Zone and depends on the following characteristics of your property:

  • Location
  • Vegetation type in the area
  • Distance from vegetation
  • Slope

(Dressed All Round) Dressed with a smooth finish – referring to wood or timber.

(Finger-Jointed Pine)
A grade of unfinished timber made from short “wood fingers” jointed together to create each timber piece of moulding or other material.

H3-treated house bearers
House bearers comprise the first layer in timber flooring. They support the joists, which are nailed to them. When timber is said to be H3-treated, they are resistant to common decay, borer and termite problems. With this treatment, the wood becomes ideal for outside, above ground construction.

Merbau decking
Merbau is a type of timber that’s popular for decking use in Australia. It’s fire-rated, categorised Durability Class 1 and resistant to rotting and insect problems.

Also known as kwila, this hardwood has a reddish brown colour. The beauty of its grain and the abundance of natural oil in this wood make it also a common choice for furniture in Asia.

This is the brand of a high-quality reflective foil material that provides homes insulation and protection against heat, cold, moisture and dust. It’s used in Prestige Kit Homes’ external wall components.

This brand is known to be a high performance board ideal for a smooth wall-lining. It can be painted, tiled or wall-papered. It’s also suitable for both wet and dry areas. It’s used on walls in all of our bathrooms, ensuites and laundries.