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Kit homes Western Australia

Owner builders are well catered for in Western Australia. A builders permit for most areas of Western Australia you are required to complete a statutory declaration and pay a fee of $110 to the BRB (Builders Registration Board). An owner builder’s permit is required where the value of the building works is over $12,000.

However there are limitations on how often owner builders can build, they are only permitted to build once every six years and are able to sell their owner built home after 3 years but are still required to take out Home Indemnity insurance to cover future owners.

Looking to Build a Kit Home in Western Australia? We can design and build your dream home at an affordable price.

Prestige Kit Homes can supply cyclone rated homes if you are in a cyclone rated region. You have the choice of either timber or steel, both in frames & trusses and floor kits. Our decks are all priced with merbau hardwood decking, not treated pine like most other suppliers provide.

As you will find whilst reading all of our information on our website, we at Prestige Kit Homes like to be considered as honest and we pride ourselves on our high integrity within the industry. We like to be totally transparent with all of our customers in providing free quotes and all the customers questions answered in an honest, business like manner. Having been involved in the building and engineering industry for 36 years we offer free advice on how and where to save money when planning to build your own home.