Granny Flats In Queensland


Granny flats are becoming ever increasing popular in all parts of Queensland. Granny flats are commonly used for accommodation for elderly relatives of famiIies who wish to help provide a safe, secure and convenient type of accommodation so that their elderly relative can have a bit of independence and still be in close proximity to their loved ones.

This is far cheaper option and more convenient than having your relative enter a nursing home. This will not suit everybody as they will still need ongoing support from the main residence occupants. Granny flats can also be used for a teenagers retreat.

In some council areas, granny flats are illegal because they do not meet zoning laws requirements for the local district. Other problems one can encounter is, if a granny flat has been constructed without the required permits or they do not satisfy the building codes.

Sometimes it’s illegal to rent out a granny flat, but perfectly within local laws for a relative to occupy the residence. The laws regarding who can stay in a granny flat (based on relations) and who can’t varies on a council to council basis, so if you are considering building one, it would be in your best interests to consult with the local housing authorities before beginning planning or construction.

The total M2 allowable for a new granny flat in Queensland can vary from council to council. We strongly advise you to visit your local council and obtain it in writing what the laws are prior to planning any granny flat. The approximate M2 allowable is usually around the 60 M2 to 80 M2 range.